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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday 9: Half the Man I Used to Be

1. Do you feel that you are essentially the same person that your were ten years ago? Not even close I was 16 yrs. old and just beginning my senior year of high school. I was so inexperienced.

2. Is there something that you have to give all or nothing to? School

3. Have you ever gambled? What have you bet on and for how much? I once went to Atlantic City with my Mom, some aunts, uncles and cousins. It was just for the hell of it really. I didn't win anything, but I didn't lose anything either *lol* I also play scratch lottery tickets every once in a while. I won $500 off of a $2 ticket back in March.

4. Can you sleep anywhere or does it have to be in a bed? It has to be a bed. I have buldging disks in my back and sometimes I can't stand up straight in the morning when I sleep in a bed....would hate to see what kind of shape I'd be in if I slept in the floor.

5. Tell us about the most disastrous or embarrassing first impression you've ever made on someone. I honestly can't think of one.

6. Do you have a memorable "ripped clothing" moment in your life? No? How about in someone else's? haha yes, but I'll never tell!!

7. What's changed on your blog since its inception? ...a redo? ...a change of pace? ...or is it about the same? I've not had this blog up for very long. The most I've changed is maybe the background, colors and music.

8. If you could travel back in time and whisper something to yourself ten years ago, what would it be? Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

9. Okay, let's have it! What's the craziest, most impulsive thing you've ever done? Move to South Carolina.


I am Harriet said...

Bet you're glad to have those 10 years done :)

Have a great Saturday!

Wendy said...

I have bad discs too in my back, forget sleeping on beds or couches...I love the music you have always playing :)

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