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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Sunday Seven

Name seven of your top annoyances of late.

1. When the boys neglect to put the toilet seat back down.
2. Not getting a whole lot of hours at work.
3. My financial aid/student loan not being processed yet.
4. Not being able to find my brass, mirrored perfume tray Mom gave me for Christmas in 2008.
5. Not being able to find Dear John at the library.
6. Being without a car.
7. The headaches that I've been getting due to the fact that I need an eye exam and new glasses.


Nemo said...

How are you? I have been so busy with setting up my blogs that I haven't done any memes in a while!
I totally understand n.6 I don't even have a license for a car!! o_O Have been putting off studying for ages, need to get it because I live out in the sticks, but that book is like a sleeping pill... just knocks you out! --_--zzZ

By the way, I have a blog up on blogger too which is basically the same as the one on SanrioTown that you've got blogrolled... Might just be easier to use that since it's on the same platform and no need to log your details when commenting ;) I hope to be posting something comment worthy soon! ;)

Like your list of 101 things btw, I have a bunch in common!

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