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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9: Just Like Me

1. Who in your life do you think behaves and thinks the most like you do? As much as I hate to admit it, my younger sister.

2. As a kid, were you ever wrongly accused (and punished, if it went that far) for something you didn't do? If so, what was it? What happened? I was accused of cheating on a test in elementary school because the kid beside me kept talking to me during the test. I never spoke back, but I didn't tell on them either. So, when the teacher heard them talking to me she took both of our papers and gave us both zeros even though our answers didn't match.

3. What about as an adult, were you ever wrongly accused for something you didn't do?? Do you think it's worse to be accused as a child or an adult? Why/why not? More than I would like to admit. I think it's worse as a child. At least as an adult you can defend yourself.

3. What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced? We've caught the tail end of a couple hurricanes in New Hampshire.

4. If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be and why?  Australia

5. Instead of going to work Monday, if you could spend the entire day doing something else--any one or two things that you absolutely love doing--what would you do? Hang out at the beach.

6. What sites (other than meme sites) do you use most to help you post on your blog? Mostly memes and hops, as well as giveaways and sponsored posts.

7. Check out a post on your blog from six months ago (March 2010) and tell us what is different now about your blog and/or life? This blog didn't start until May.

8. What was the last photograph you took? A pic of BB with my phone.

9. Which fashion trend do you believe is the most horrendous and why? Anything Lady Gaga started.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aladdin Do The Reuse Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever wondered how our busy life styles affect the environment? I know when I was working every day, it was part of my daily routine to stop at the gas station each morning for a cup of coffee. More often than not, I was also stopping by a fast food restaurant on my way back to work after the daily run to the bank for lunch. Sure, neither one of these actions seem all that harmful. However, they do add up. That is why Aladdin is offering it's Do The Reuse Challenge, a 30 day commitment to give up disposable paper cups, water bottles and food containers.

Did you know?... 

● Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.
● In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second.
● It costs about $165 a year to make drip coffee at home versus $636 to buy drip coffee at your local cafĂ©.
● Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010.
● Nine dollars will generally cover a decent lunch out. If you buy rather than pack a lunch five days a week, you shell out about $2,350 a year.

Please join me in accepting the Do The Reuse Challenge. I'm going to start by taking my own reusable water bottle or cup of coffee with me to school and by packing my own meals and snacks in reusable containers. Don't worry if you don't have any reusable containers because once you accept the Do The Reuse Challenge, you are eligible to receive discounts and free shipping on select products from Aladdin.

The fun doesn't stop here. You can also visit Aladdin on Facebook to learn more about the Do The Reuse Challenge and see in what ways other people are participating.

Together with Aladdin, we can help ourselves and the environment by saving money and reducing waste.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Thursday Thunks: What's in a Name?

1. We are changing your name. You have no choice. You get to pick it, but we must approve it. You must have a good reason. Ok, what is the name and reason? Oh this is a hard one! I really like my name. I think it fits me and my unique personality. But, since I have no choice.....Ainsley. I really like the name  and it's unique as well.

2. I say Shotgun, you say? I'm driving! lol

3. We are sending you away. Africa or Mexico? Africa. It just seems so much more unique and exotic.

4. When you're home alone, do you still close the door when you use the restroom? Most never know when everyone else is going to decide to come home.

5.  Berleen told me that I have to ask a mean question. Tell us about a horrible memory. My cousin caught my fingers in the hinges of the bathroom door when I was like 3 or 4. So traumatic!

6. What are your plans for October? School, my birthday and Halloween. Nothing concrete yet.

7. Is there anyone that you regret ever meeting? Not at all. I'm a firm believer that everyone comes into your life for a reason.

8. You have 3 months left to live, what do you do? Spend as much time with my close friends and family as possible.

9. You wake up in an unfamiliar place, what is your first reaction? much alcohol did I drink last night?

10. Your phone rings at 4am, just before you kill this person, who do you expect it would be? A family member or close friend...and they better be sick, hurt or in trouble to be ringing my phone at 4 a.m.

11. You're having a bad day, what one thing can make your day better? Bryson telling me "You're bootiful". That little boy just melts my heart.

12. You are doing a meme written by the blogosphere's shadiest character. Is there anything else that you should be doing right now? Not really...sleeping, maybe?

13. If money were not a problem, (and it never is, right? Yes, I stole this f$%*ing question. Sue me.) where would you like to live? I was asked this question a few months ago when I was still in Tennessee and I said South Carolina. Well, I'm here now so I got what I wanted :o)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hip, hip, HOORAY!!

Last night in Biology class, the Professor surprised us with an awesome oppritunity. Since there were some people that missed last Thursday's class and still needed to take the in class/written part of our exam, he gave those of us that had already taken it the choice of either going home or staying and taking the written exam he was about to give as a re-take.

Since Sarah was in class, I would have had to sit at the school regardless. Plus, I had failed the written part. He said he would take the best grade out of the 2, so I had nothing to lose.

The re-take was 4 essay questions. I took my time and I was the last person to turn my in. I was afraid I hadn't included enough information to get full credit for the last question, but I was wrong. I got a 100%! So, that brings my overall grade on the test to a 97% and my overall grade in Biology so far to a 95.5%. I am on cloud nine!

Surprise Me! Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Surprise Me! Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a gift exchange/swap for blogger's.

Each participating blog will be a Secret Santa & also receive a gift from a Secret Santa. There are No Sponsors for this event, it's just like one big office party. After you receive your gift you can tell everyone all about it on your blog.

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Each Secret Santa will spend $15 on their gift. This can be one item or multiple items that total $15. We want everyone to enjoy the swap and their gift so we have added category choices for you to choose from on the sign up. This way it helps the Secret Santa have an idea of what you like and so that everyone enjoys their gifts.

Sign up will be open for 2 weeks and will end on Wednesday October 6th.

If you are interested in participating in the Secret Santa Gift Exchange simply:
Fill out the form and we will add you to the list. After you sign up snag the button and let your readers know that you are participating & that they can too.

After sign up closes they will notify everyone by email to let them know : Who to ship to, What gift idea they like, When to ship by & Where to ship gift to. No one will know who is who's Secret Santa is so shh.. it's top secret :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack Giveaway @

Koupon Karen is hosting an awesome giveaway! 3 lucky winners will get a Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack plus some other cool fairy goodies. This giveaway ends September 24th, so fly on over to enter here.

Time to Focus

It's after 1 a.m. and I really should be in bed. Well, technically I am in bed. But, I'm sitting up with the laptop on my lap while BB is curled up, passed out beside me. I need to put the laptop away and lay down as the rest of disc #3 of CSI: Miami Season 2 finishes playing.

Last week was not the best week I have had in Biology. Hopefully I can regroup, focus and make up for it this week. We had our first major test on Thursday. It was done in 2 parts, an online/computer part and a written part. The online/computer part was a bunch of multiple choice questions. I scored a 96% (the highest in the class). The written part consisted of drawing and labeling energy diagrams for both types of chemical reactions. I scored a 69%. Overall, I got 39.2/45 points or 87%. Ouch. My overall grade in Biology is currently at 89%, and 76.5% is passing, but I want an A! I'm going to have to study harder, but I think I can do it.

I also had a test in Algebra last Monday. I missed 1 question and scored a 95%! Definitely MUCH better than the 1st test I had in that class (82.5%) It brought my average from 86.8% to 91.5%!

I have yet to hear anything about my student loan :o( I'm so impatient. Sarah already got hers, but she's been going to FDTC for a few semesters and her financial aid was processed way before mine even was. I'm hoping I hear something this week.

Well, I'm going to go put the laptop away so I can curl up with BB and watch the rest of CSI. Good night y'all!

Meet Me on Monday

1. What is your favorite all time movie? It's a tie between Titanic and The Notebook. I cannot bring myself to choose one over the other!
2. How often do you go over the speed limit? When I'm on the interstate making a road trip.
3. What really gives you the creeps? Public restrooms. They are a breading ground for germs and freaky kidnappers.
4. What is your favorite snack? Roasted Vegetable Ritz crackers with cream cheese.
5. Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy? A cat named Fluffy....I'm too sweet and laid back to be a dog named Killer.

Follow Me Monday


Come join me at Be One Fine Day's Blog Hop!
What a GREAT way to gain some more followers :o)

Monday Movie Meme: Getting Older

This week's movie topic is all about Getting Older.

Share on your blog movies about aging or being elderly, linking back here at The Bumbles.

I had a rough time with this one! In some of these, aging or being elderly is just an underlying theme. But, they're all great movies in my opinion :o) Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sunday Seven

AOL recently published a list of what it calls the 100 Worst Songs of All Time. Honestly, I think that most of the songs listed aren't as bad as the title of the list implies. This week's Sunday Seven asks that we name our picks for the seven worst songs of all time. So, I went through AOL's list and picked the seven worst out of that.

Name your picks for the seven worst songs of all time.

1. The Fast Food Song by Fast Food Rockers (#87)
2. Popozao by Kevin Federline (#84)
3. Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul (#62)
4. Disco Duck by Rick Dees (#54)
5. The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup (#52)
6. She Bangs by Ricky Martin (#4)
7. (It's Time to) Beat Dat Beat by DJ Pauly D (#1)

Sunday Stealing: The Threesome Meme

1. At what time of your life were you happiest and why? I'm happiest right now, but before now it was high school *lol* Life was a whole lot easier responsibilities and the biggest choice I had to make was what was I wearing to school.

2. Where and when did you meet the love of your life? *sigh* I haven't got there, yet.

3. Favourite item of clothing ever or most treasured possession? My most treasured possession would have to be a hand carved wooden jewelry box that my dad gave me.

4. Must-have makeup or beauty item? L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation

5. What do you think is your worst vice or fault .. honestly? I don't always think before I speak.

6. Would you tell your friend, if you knew her husband/wife was cheating on her/him? I'd want to, but it would really depend on how close of a friend it is and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Sometimes it's just best not to get into or be in the middle of something like that.

7. What ambitions, wishes or desires, for your life, do you still hold close to your heart? I want to finish school, have a successful career, get married, own a house, have children....not necessarily all in that order.

8. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Out of school and with a good job.

9. If you had the choice of any talent with the penalty that you would lose a talent in exchange, what would you want to gain, and what would you be willing to lose? I'd love to have a good singing voice, but I can't think of any talents that I already have that I'd be willing to lose.

10. Name three things that you do want completed in your life before retiring? This kind of goes back to #7....Have a successful career, get married, have children.

11. Of all of the people out there who would have been your fantasy date? Date, not romance... Adam Rodriguez aka Erik Delco on C.S.I. Miami.

12. Google put another spell on you, you have just changed genders for 48 hours... what are you going to do with your 2 days? Pee standing up *lol*

13. If you owned your own island, and got to make it your own country, what would you call it? And why? I have no idea...I'm stumped!

14. If you rubbed the lamp and got 3 wishes, what would they be? 

  • No more debt.
  • Unlimited funds in my bank account.
  • End world hunger.

15. What is your earliest memory of puberty? Ugh...getting my period.

16. If you got banished to your Island alone and could only bring 5 things, what would they be? 

  • My laptop.
  • My cell phone.
  • My makeup/ hygiene bag.
  • Clothes.
  • A boat.
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