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Monday, August 30, 2010

Jacob's Football Photos

Last school year, I was able to attend my brother, Jacob's football games as long as I didn't have to work. This school year, I'm 330 miles away. However, thanks to Allen Greene Photography, I am able to look at photos from each game online. I was able to do this last school year as well, but it means a little more to me this school year. I am so proud of him! Despite missing the beginning of summer training thanks to his broken foot (oops!), he's an awesome player. He's 110% dedicated and it honestly would not surprise me if he ended up going to college on a football scholarship. I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself seeing as he's just a sophomore. Did I mention that he's in honors classes and gets straight A's? baby brother is the bomb *lol*


They've only played two games so far this season, and they've won both of them. The 1st game was a home game and the 2nd was an away game.


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