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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think I've Got My Groove Back!

Sarah and I each had class tonight. We're not in the same class, but our classes are held on the same nights and on the same hall. However, I'm just at the beginning of my program and she's been at this for a little bit. I do have the advantage of the fact that she's already taken the courses that I'm enrolled in this semester, but I try to only ask for her help if I'm truly stuck. I must be doing something right though, because I took two quizzes in Biology tonight and I scored 100% on both of them. I'm so excited! I'm starting to feel confident that I will pass this class with an A. I definitely don't want anything less than a B.

Even better news is that my financial aid has finally been processed. I've been approved for the Pell Grant and it's already been credited to my account. Hopefully that means that my student loan isn't far behind.


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