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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I had my first class Tuesday night. Accounting 101. Unfortunately it was a bit boring and uneventful. Mainly because it was the first day of term and we had to get our books and such first. They ran out of accounting books half way through distributing books to our class. Luckily, I got a book before they ran out, but without all of us having books there wasn't much the professor could do once we got back from the bookstore. Oh well, all the downtime gave me a chance to set up my new blackberry *lol* I love upgrade time!

I have Algebra tonight. Hopefully it won't be as boring or uneventful. I need to get to the school a little early tonight because they gave me the wrong books for Body Control Systems, so I need to exchange them for the right ones. Hopefully they still have some.

I went and spent some time with Zack and BB last night. They had such a blast in the pool and on the trampoline. Unfortunately, my radiator hose busted in their Aunt Heather's driveway. It's fixed now, thank goodness! But damn, what is it with my car lately?


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