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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday 5: Control

1. When did you take time this week to play? On Wednesday evening. I didn't have class so I went to spend sometime with my nephews while they are in town. I had a blast watching them swim and jump on the trampoline.

2. This past week, what would you have liked to rewind so you could experience it again? Wednesday night with my nephews. Those moments are so few and far between now that they live in South Carolina.

3. What happened this week to give you pause? The hose on my radiator busted. It sucked.

4. From what situation this week would you have liked to eject yourself? None, yet. The week isn't over and I'm sure something will happen before it does.

5. In what situation this week did you cede power to someone else? When my radiator hose busted. I'm horrible at fixing cars.


Jodi said...

Car problems are the worst! Hope its a cheap fix!

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