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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hip, hip, HOORAY!!

Last night in Biology class, the Professor surprised us with an awesome oppritunity. Since there were some people that missed last Thursday's class and still needed to take the in class/written part of our exam, he gave those of us that had already taken it the choice of either going home or staying and taking the written exam he was about to give as a re-take.

Since Sarah was in class, I would have had to sit at the school regardless. Plus, I had failed the written part. He said he would take the best grade out of the 2, so I had nothing to lose.

The re-take was 4 essay questions. I took my time and I was the last person to turn my in. I was afraid I hadn't included enough information to get full credit for the last question, but I was wrong. I got a 100%! So, that brings my overall grade on the test to a 97% and my overall grade in Biology so far to a 95.5%. I am on cloud nine!


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