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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Beginning

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I do. We may not always know what the reason is right when a particular event takes place, and sometimes we may never know the reason.

Some of you that have been following me for a while know that I moved down here to South Carolina at the beginning of last year when Richard first got married and moved down here. I started online college courses and was trying to do something with my life. Then last summer when my Dad and my younger sister started having some health issues, I decided to go back to my Mom's house in Tennessee. My car was repo'd not long after I got home and I was just feeling depressed over everything

I got a job as an assistant manager at a gas station. I stayed busy between work and my online classes. I got another car at a buy here/pay here car lot and did my best to stay on track. I eventually had to give up my online classes because I was working full time plus some and my school work was suffering. Before I knew it, it was November and I had been back in Tennessee for 5 months.

So, I requested 3 days off and came down here for a visit. I didn't want to go home! Visiting made me realize how much I missed being here but the fact of the matter was that I had a job in Tennessee and I didn't have a job here. Between November and March, I made 5 trips down here. Then I began having issues with my car and I lost my job.

Since I wasn't working I decided to go back to school at the Business College. My car finally got fixed at the end of May and classes started June 1st. I went through my 1st week of classes and during this time, Zack and Bryson were in Tennessee visiting with their momma and Richard called me and asked me if I would mind bringing them home for him that weekend.

So on June 5th (ironically, 1 yr. to the day I had left South Carolina) I picked the boys up from their momma and headed this way. However, I was about 15 miles away when out of nowhere a dog ran out into the middle of the road and I hit it. I busted the radiator, bent in the sub frame and radiator support. I didn't have the money to fix it and pay the car payment too. Not without being in Tennessee and attending classes so that I would get my financial aid check. So, I let the buy here pay here come get the car and I sat here in South Carolina for the last three weeks.

During this time, I was given the option of being able to stay permanently. To be honest, although I had missed this place so much and I never wanted to go home when I'd come to visit, I wasn't 100% sure of what I wanted to do. I wavered back and forth. I eventually decided to stay.

I now need to find a new job so I've started at where I found some great resume writing techniques and interviewing tips.

I'm staying for me. I'm not perfect. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I don't think this decision is one of them. I think staying here is the only way I'm ever going to do anything for myself. I grew up spoiled. I've always held a job and I've had some responsibilities but my parents have always made things easy for me and that's just not acceptable anymore.

The first 3 weeks were definitely rough. I hadn't planned on being here but overnight so I didn't have hardly anything with me. I was washing clothes like every other day. But Richard just had to take the boys back to Tennessee to see their momma so I rode with him and got some of my things. Obviously not everything but enough to be comfortable :o)

Everything happens for a reason. Me hitting that dog and being stuck here was a sign that I need to be here.


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