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Friday, May 14, 2010


I know, I didn't post anything yesterday other than Thursday Thunks. My daily life is pretty mundane at the moment, so I don't always have a whole lot to talk about. Plus, I don't want to bore anyone to tears. For right now, my goal with this blog is to post at least something each day, whether it be a meme or just some photos, and when I feel the need to update on life I will. I feel this goal will also be easy to achieve once I have a real job again since meme's don't take but a few minutes to complete and I take photos like crazy. I'm serious, my digital goes everywhere with me!

I think everyone around here is just about over the worst part of their colds. I know I am. Mya still has a little bit of a runny nose and Mattie still sounded a little wheezy when she was here, but for the most part everyone is looking and sounding better.

I wish I would hear back from ACT as to whether I'm eligible for rehire or not. I desperately need to go back to work.

No significant plans for the weekend. Of course, that is subject to change. I won't have Mattie again until Monday, so I'm free to do whatever, whenever.


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