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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fresh Start

I've had numerous blogs and journals before. I do well maintaining and updating them for a while, but then I get busy and lose interest. It's the same old song and dance :o) However, since blogger and google are now connected and my gmail is the primary email address I use, I'm thinking hoping I will have better luck this time.

Some of you that come here may already know me, some of you do not. I have a short bio on the page, but to give you more of a run down...

I'm currently in between jobs and looking into starting the Pharmacy Tech program at National College of Business and Technology on June 1st. Until then, my days are spent babysitting a precious 3 year old little girl named Mattalyn (Mattie). My brother (Mike), his wife (Marie) and their four children (Makayla, Gavin, Mya & Meadow) currently live with me. I'm an Auntie to a total of 7 children, the 4 that live with me and a niece (Melodie) and 2 nephews (Zack and Bryson) that live in South Carolina. You'll probably hear about my angels a lot :)


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